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moving day

Today is moving day. We have some exciting plans for 2012, one of which is well under way- a new website. Things are beginning to come together very nicely and we will continue to keep you updated as things progress. In the meantime we have moved our blog to it’s brand new home. You can now find us here:



Have you seen these gorgeous handmade bead necklaces that we have in store? Pop into love & clutter to see the full range.


Although it’s sunny here in Hobart today we should all be grabbing our Anorak’s, not because of the weather, but because it’s the coolest kids magazine there ever was. That’s right boys & girls, love & clutter now stock Anorak- the happy mag for kids!

We now have in stock the last three issues- featuring Vikings, Pirates and Toys. How can you go wrong with those three topics?

Anorak is choc full of stories and activities for kids. Designed for kids aged 5-9, we think it will appeal to kids of all ages- even grown-ups!

Oh, and it was recently featured as a ‘Top Pick’  by Time Magazine. How cool is that?

window wonderment

Our new window display went up today. Goodbye orange…hello pink (and purple, blue, yellow and green)!

We have this amazing doily embellished children’s quilt…handmade right here in Hobart.

A tea party for two (with cake, of course!).

Amazing fresh hydrangeas and rainbow coloured ramekins.

And, last but not least, tiny cup cakes (guaranteed to be calorie & gluten free).


A girl can never have too many bags. It simply is not possible. It is a little known scientific fact -an immutable universal law- that one bag is just not enough…especially if they are divine Japanese linen handmade bags from love & clutter! Here’s a peek at some of the bags we have in store…

what’s your cup of tea?

What do you like to have in you cup? Tea? Coffee? Or perhaps a hot chai? I guess we’re a little unconventional here at love & clutter…we like to keep a little friends in our cups…lots of sweet sugar-y-ness (yes, we just made up a word), but no milk.

miss Piggy & friends

Random photo of the week…little piggies off to market (or, in this case, off to shop at love & clutter).